Season 3

The One Who Is Willing To Give Vulnerability A Dance

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Season 3 : Episode 40

"When I think about this idea of resilience story, I thought about my own experience with that and what it felt like and what it felt like for me was to walk around with this idea that we've got this imaginary piece of paper rolled up. And yet we're careful not to take it out and show it to anyone. And it says, people would think I was crazy if they knew. We don't get it out. We don't show anyone. And what it is for so many of us is it's our resilient story."

- Dr. Taryn Marie Stejskal, Resilience Expert, Coach, and Keynote Speaker

The One Where Leadership Takes A Mental Health Break

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Season 3 : Episode 39

"That's probably one of the biggest things of the leadership trait, to be self-aware. To know your own strengths and your own weaknesses. But the idea of knowing what triggers you when you're in a stressful environment.  To understand what those triggers were and how do you then cope with that?  And then the last one that kind of relates to relationships and that is staying connected."

- Mike LeFever, CEO of Concentric and Retired Vice Admiral of the United States

The One Facing Fears While Pivoting

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Season 3 : Episode 38

"You can be naturally courageous and not the most resilient and vice have one foot grounded and the other foot can move in any position at any time, which I think is so beautiful because we have these roots and these parts of us that are always going to be there, but we can choose what direction we want our life to go in.  And like I said, it makes it a little bit more fun and less scary when you see it as pivoting and not change or you know, horrible things happening to you."

- Monica Ortega, CEO and Travel Host

The One Whose Craving For Courage Led To Her Calm

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Season 3 : Episode 37

"I think it's really easy to be grateful when things are working.  And it's another thing when things aren't working for you to still be in that state of gratitude.  And I did mention the part about our brains having this negativity bias, and it's because we're wired for survival and so when things aren't working, we're going to keep looking for problems.  Whereas when we're in a state of gratitude and focusing on opportunity and solution, that actually takes you out of that problem mindset."

- Dr. Cindy Tsai, TEDx Speaker, Author, Physician and Coach

The One Wired To Be An Optimist

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Season 3 : Episode 36

"A lot of people don't practice resilience when things are going well. Because it's not until things go bad, because our definition of resilience is the ability to bounce back, but the definition of resilience in HeartMath terms is to prepare for, react to, and shift in the face of stress.  And so how do you prepare for anything? You practice it on a daily basis.  You don't wait until you get sick."

- Andrea Trank, Health Coach, Trainer, and Yoga Teacher

The One Who Found Joy After Experiencing Despair

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Season 3 : Episode 35

"I still have issues with abandonment as an adult and as a kid, I turned to my education because I figured, well, maybe if I was smart enough, my mom would love me more than she loved drugs. And I think that it helped me because it helped me become a physician because I turned into essentially, an academic student. And as far as that big aha moment to where I realized, well, maybe it's not them. Maybe it's me."

- Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore, Physician and Author

The One Leading Others Through Their Trauma

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Season 3 : Episode 34

"If you know you have your support...someone who knows the intimate details of your life and you know there's no ulterior motives and that they're a 100% on your side, then it frees up so much of your mental energy to focus on accomplishing your objectives. And I think if you're lining up your support early on, it really puts you ahead of the pack."

- Nick Prefontaine, Keynote Speaker, Author, and CEO of Common Goal

The One Who Never Lost That Magical Thinking

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Season 3 : Episode 33

"I would get in those sessions with people and then I would focus in, focus on them, and I just felt transported.  So that's when I began to know, boy there's really something about taking what's happening with you and rather than just sort of collapsing.  So, I think both gratitude and giving to others are some of the best ways that you can really heal and also feel that sense of resilience within."

- Cheryl Krauter, Psychotherapist, Author and Speaker

The One Who Is Comfortable In The Unknown

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Season 3 : Episode 32

"It was this mindset that you should be able to kind of go out into the world and try a bunch of different things.  But once you find something really that you truly love...focus 100% of your attention onto that. Because I think if you want to excel in any industry, it's an uphill battle and it's a climb.  And grit I think is something that is probably one of the most important things."

- Siwat Siengsanaoh, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Recoup Beverage, Inc.

The One Whose Brain Works Differently

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Season 3 : Episode 31

"You have to own your own story to be resilient.  I've had Tourette tics since I was nine.  I'm 61, so I've been ticing for 52 years.  I got picked on a lot. I got bullied a lot.  I still am a pretty big introvert to these days, but as life goes on and you try to integrate into a ticing person into a non-ticing world."

- Jerry Gidner, Director of the Bureau of Trust Funds Administration and Board Member of Tics and Tourette Across the Globe

The One Who Balances Strategy With Strength

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Season 3 : Episode 30 

"What the research shows is that people who act as though they're self-disciplined actually have found a good strategy.  That's more important than any personal strength.  Psychologists have been able to teach children who didn't show self-discipline, who didn't show an ability to delay gratification have been able to teach them strategies that allowed them to do that and then they acquire that knowledge. Oh yeah, I can do that. Oh yeah, I found now the strategy. And it changes everything."

- Dr. John Tholen, Retired Clinical Psychologist and Author

The One Who Is Sporting Her Purpose

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Season 3 : Episode 29 

"I love standing up for people. I love protecting people. And so having that dream at such a young age and now having accomplished that is something that is so amazing. Because when we are children, we're fearless.  There were so many other things throughout my life and even as a child that I did want to do that I didn't have the opportunity to do until later in life because I listened to other people. But that one thing, I was like, no, this is mine."

- Sivonnia DeBarros, Attorney, Author, and Podcaster

The One Who Builds Kindness Into Their Universe

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Season 3 : Episode 28 

"Being in music it's very cutthroat. And so what I did was essentially focus on my own path.  And I think part of that growing in sort of leaving bad energy behind was actually being more comfortable with myself. I think I lacked self confidence through quite a lot of my life and that played out in various's like I kind of lived my life on everyone else's terms. And now I kind of live life on my terms."

- Viren Chitroda (Kingdumb), Music Producer and DJ

The One Where Fear Is A Direction To Grow Towards

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Season 3 : Episode 27 

"My family had experienced the results of gang violence. My father was incarcerated at a young age. My grandfather passed away really young. And so I saw the women in my family really developed this strong sense faith and a strong sense of inner power.  My grandmother was in town visiting me and I said to her, Grandma, you've been through so much. How did you get through it all?  And she says, 'I never complained.'"

- Sakina Ibrahim, Artist, Author, and Wellness Advocate

The One Who Prayed With His Legs

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Season 3 : Episode 26  

"So when we're in pain, we have a tendency to focus on ourselves more than is helpful or healthy. When you have something bigger than yourself like I found myself having, it lifted me up out of my own backside so to speak and be able to have a higher perspective on what was actually going on."

- Dar Dixon, Actor, Producer, and Director

The One Living Up To That Thick-Skinned Confidence

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Season 3 : Episode 25  

"Many people feel in some way feel that they are responsible for their cancer...that there was something that they did — they didn't get diagnosed, they didn't pay attention to their body well enough. There's a lot of internal stuff that goes on...I'm trying to get to the bottom of well why do people feel this way?"

- Cynthia Hayes, Author, Mentor, Speaker, and Cancer Survivor

The One Pulling Wisdom From The Cookie Jar

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Season 3 : Episode 24  

"My father...he did the best with what he knew at the time told me to man up at six years old.  What does it even mean to a six year old boy back in 1990?  So I inherited this story of okay, whatever I do, it's never gonna be enough.  So I need to create an event that tells people that I am enough."

- George Kalantzis, Coach, Author, and Content Marketer

The One Striving For Boundaries

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Season 3 : Episode 23  

"If I just trust my intuition that it will tell me what those boundaries are.  My intuition will always tell me when my boundaries are being violated, and I should listen to it....I know what it is. Even though I am telling you now that I don't know what it is.  I always know when it happens, but I try to deny it."

- Tina Marie Romero, Business Owner and Breast Cancer Survivor

The One Who Embodies Self-Compassion

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Season 3 : Episode 22  

"Usually people are like, oh my God, I treat myself so differently.  So with self-compassion we are treating ourselves like a good friend. So there's three elements to self-compassion.  The first is being kind, rather than judgemental. The next piece is common humanity. Understanding that everybody makes mistakes. We all fail. The third piece is mindfulness. You are aware when you're struggling."

- Dr. Ellen Albertson, Psychologist, Coach, Author, and Radio Host

The One Who Seeks To Be Seen And Heard

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Season 3 : Episode 21  

"I wish I heard - I see you, I hear you. You mean so much to me. You're important.  I forgave my parents a long time ago because they did the best they could just like every parent. The first thing I say to a cancer patient that comes and speaks to me that they've been first diagnosed is - forgive your past and heal any resentments that you have."

- Carmelina Baccari, Medical Tattoo Specialist and Breast Cancer Survivor

The One Married To The Purpose, Not The Plan

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Season 3 : Episode 20  

"Being married to the purpose, not the plan. Because you can have the perfect plan and then something goes wrong and then you may have to readjust the plan, but you don't want to necessarily readjust the purpose. So having that clarity, decisive, committed action oriented, and then coachable / open-minded would be like the main qualities."

- Pepz Javier, Performance Artist, Dancer, and Coach

The One Overwhelmed With That Can-Do Attitude

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Season 3 : Episode 19  

"Cancer is a before and after. When I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I thought I was going to die. I thought that was the death sentence. Part of you does end there. To get through the healing, you have to let things go.  I needed that transition into rebirth into the new me."

- Nicole Washburn, Copywriter, Book Coach, and Breast Cancer Survivor

The One Who Is Endlessly Persistent

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Season 3 : Episode 18  

"How can you get rid of whatever those things that are going on in your brain that are shoving you back into work when you are not at work...taking up free rent in your brain?  One of the best is if you are commuting and you're driving over a bridge...that you drop it into the water or down below off the bridge and get rid of it."

- Louise Carnachan, Work Relationship Specialist and Author of "Work Jerks"

The One Who Is Resting In Their Spirit

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Season 3 : Episode 17  

"I think there's sadness in there. I think there's anger in there.  Maybe this is my body digesting what's happened to me through my life. So the question always comes back, 'what do you do about it?' I've never been been one to sit around and say, 'oh why did this happen?' This is where we are...what do we do?  Because we can't change what was."

- Ken Parme, Musician, Author, and Pancreatic Cancer Survivor

The One Who Mustered Fortitude To Face Her Oppressors

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Season 3 : Episode 16  

"You can call me fat. You can call me ugly, but you know what the truth is. I look like what I look like, and that is not true.  You can't remove my passion. You cannot remove the things that I enjoy doing. Life is about growing, developing and doing things that make you genuinely happy."

- Lillee Jean, Beauty Influencer, Model, and Director of 'Project Bullyish'

The One Who Believes In The Power Of Self-Love

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Season 3 : Episode 15  

"So what my experience from is one of the main reasons I wanted to keep living was to try...just write...because I never tried to write before.  So, I owe it to myself."

- Michelle Maiellaro, Writer, Blogger, and Leukemia Survivor

The One About Connecting Back To Calm

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Season 3 : Episode 14  

"Every morning I do what's called RPM - it's Rest Pee Meditate. It also helps to increase what's called brain-derived neurotrophic factor to increase synapses in your brain. And after having two brain injuries, I need to optimize my brain health...I would add coffee and gratitude."

- Dr. Cyrina Bullard, Speaker, Author & Trainer & Liz Rutledge, Mindful Sustainability Educator

The One Seeking The Fearlessness In Failure

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Season 3 : Episode 13  

"I think the failure to myself would be greater simply. And I only say that because I am my own critic.  I'm my best critic. I'm my worst critic. I'm all of those critics. And so I know that I would come down the hardest on me. That's it's me that I worry about."

- Jackie Pryor, Educator, PhD graduate, and four-time Cancer Survivor

The One Who Exemplifies Grace Under Fire

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Season 3 : Episode 12  

"I was in the film industry for years where like for every YES, It's like 5,000 NO's and that's true whether you're producing or writing or acting or whatever it is. I think even the most successful people and probably the most successful people can tell you, they had years of rejection."

- Beth Lauren, Founder of Well-Tech World Summit, Ayurveda Counselor, and Sexual Assault Survivor

The One Who Always Has A Yes For Others But Not For Himself

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Season 3 : Episode 11  

"I have been told 3x...that I would be dead by morning. And they were very clear these were all the reasons and we've done all that we can do. So I was being told NO to life and to that I was like NO, this is not the end of my life...I was not ready to be done with this."

- Hans Rueffert, Celebrity Chef, Author, and Gastric Cancer Survivor

The One Who Cultivates Inner Flexibility

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Season 3 : Episode 10  

"Any type of resilience is flexibility of thought...if you're focused on something that you want to do, you can almost expect that there'll be things in the way that will block you or deter you. But resilience means that you're going to face that obstacle and you're going to continue forward."

- Marilynn Champion, Entrepreneur, Author, and Teacher

The One Who Gets Back Tenfold Of What She Gives

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Season 3 : Episode 9  

"Part of why I continue to do anxiety is I don't want others to suffer the way I did.  You helped her not suffer. You did what you wanted. You were able to do something good here."

- Marianne Sarcich, Breast Health Advocate and Breast Cancer Survivor

The One Who Blooms Where She Is Planted

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Season 3 : Episode 8  

"With her relentless optimism, she cannot curse the darkness if there is the opportunity to light one little candle. And what that means to me is that if you can see any way to overcome the problem that you're faced with, try that, see if it works."

- Jill Tietjen, Author, Speaker, and Electrical Engineer

The One Whose Tears Will Lead To Her Steel

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Season 3 : Episode 7  

"I don't look at it as why me and poor me. I look at cancer as helping me become the strong woman that I am and the vulnerable woman that I am and the woman who speaks her truth and speaks her mind."

- Valerie David, Actress, Playwright of  'The Pink Hulk,' and three-time Cancer Survivor

The One Who Sees Magic In The Details

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Season 3 : Episode 6  

"Resilience is one of the strongest tools you can have in your bag because what success really is, it's a battle with's to get through that."

- Daniel Booter, CEO of D.B. Marketing Group"

The One Whose Mental Checklist Is Not The Dominant Thought

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Season 3 : Episode 5  

"The Universe teaches until we are ready to learn...saying the things to each other we never knew how to say before.."

- David Craig, Co-Founder & CEO of GRYT Health, and two-time Cancer Survivor

The One Always Rising To Recover

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Season 3 : Episode 4  

"When you get hit, you get back up. And to me, that's what being resilient is. Not staying down for the count when life hits you."

- Jason Gelios, Realtor, Author, Media Contributor, and Creator of the AskJasonGelios Real Estate Show

The One Running Towards Something

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Season 3 : Episode 3  

"I woke up most mornings of my life feeling like I had a gun to my head. Get up. Get started. Get going. And there are still mornings where I find myself in this very unconscious loop."

- Eve McDavid, Google Strategy Executive, FemTech Entrepreneur and Cervical Cancer Survivor

The One Unlearning To Learn

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Season 3 : Episode 2  

"How you choose to act and you're going to react.  That's building your resiliency.  It's like okay.  Life is happening for me, never to me.  And how you act upon those thoughts, that's the verb part."  

- Marisol Quiroz, Founder of Catalyst Seed Co., and Mompreneur

The One Giving Themselves Permission

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Season 3 : Episode 1  

"But it's not just change on others part. I have to change. I have to be okay when things are dropping and they're not getting done and things aren't happening. And that's's a paradox. Letting go of control."  

- Mary Beth Chalk, Co-founder & Chief Commercial Officer at BeeKeeperAI and Stage 1 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Survivor

Season 2

The One Slaying The Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas

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Season 2 : Episode 41  #InTime

Published Author, Writing Coach, and Cancer Survivor, Tracey Shearer is gifted at spinning yarns for the many characters she brings into existence. But when real life comes knocking, she wrestles with the concept of doing vs. receiving.  Only by re-examining her true wants, will things finally fall into place.

The One Searching For Stillness

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Season 2 : Episode 40  #ManInTheMirror

Diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of three, Co-founder and CEO, Nick Lynch knows the true meaning of pushing forward despite outward circumstances.  In his adult life however, self-care often takes a backseat.  He discovers that in order to leave a legacy worth remembering, it always starts from within.

The One Juggling Too Many Things

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Season 2 : Episode 39  #YouGotThis

Shayna Simone's stock-in-trade is her ability to restore the beauty of one's hair.  As a certified trichologist and cancer survivor, the demands of her business often get in the way of creating a more harmonious work-life balance.  Yearning for more, she must learn to advocate for herself and create those personal boundaries.

The One Looking For Love In All The Right Places

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Season 2 : Episode 38  #JustTrust

A master of self-esteem, Christine Handy practices her self-care routine without fail.  But every now and then, life attempts to knock her off the path.  As a breast cancer survivor, model, author, and motivational speaker, Christine must find the grit and grace to give to herself as much as she readily serves others.

The One Being Looked At Differently

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Season 2 : Episode 37  #DefineMe

Business owner and breast cancer survivor, Leeanna Gantt can design the perfect communication spec.  But when asked about her personal story, she often faces an emotional block.  Only by being able to reframe the conversation can she finally have the freedom to fully speak her truth.

The One Moving From Lack To An Abundant Mindset

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Season 2 : Episode 36  #WorkInProgress

Functional Genomic Consultant and lymphoma survivor, Jaclyn Downs is brilliant at addressing the root causes of many infertility issues.  In her personal life however, the "old tapes" of the past often keeps her stuck.  Attempting to redefine what abundance really means, she questions whether having just enough will serve her ultimate purpose.

The One Whose Voice Matters

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Season 2 : Episode 35  #NotInvisible

Cancer doula and lymphoma survivor, Talaya Dendy supports her clients through a sea of crippling emotions.  Not wanting to create any friction in her own life, she has learned to shrink in order to protect her peace.  To rise above the naysayers of her past, she must let things go and continue the inner work.

The One Where Love Has No Agenda

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Season 2 : Episode 34  #EmotionalVoids

Joanna Chanis had shared the last 23 years with someone who she felt checked all the boxes on paper, but didn't offer that true emotional spark.  As an author, keynote speaker, and breast cancer survivor, she knows that getting her happy back is a process, one where her future love can be imagined into existence.

The One Nursing An Emotional Gut Punch

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Season 2 : Episode 33  #HealingInHelping

Speaker, author, and cancer survivor Judy L. Pearson finds inspiration no matter where it leads.  But when a family situation creates undue stress which has left her heartbroken, she endeavors to research a new plan, one where self-care takes a more active role.

The One Seeking Bids For Connection

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Season 2 : Episode 32  #LeadWings

Author and Stage 3 breast cancer survivor April Capil has used her painful experiences to serve those eager to get their lives back on track.  Once her biggest cheerleader, she now wrestles with a friendship that has taken a dramatic turn. Knowing that the answer always lies within, she looks to the future and pictures a much lighter and sunnier vision.

The One Where My Body Has Betrayed Me

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Season 2 : Episode 31  #HealingSpace

Holistic Nutritionist and Coach, Cathy Biase supports her patients throughout the cancer journey. Feeling like life has somehow dealt her a bad hand; she must reconcile the past and trust in the unknown if she ever wishes to be truly free.

The One Where I Feel Like A Fraud

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Season 2 : Episode 30  #ThisIsLife

Teaching at-risk youth how to master their thoughts gives Sharon Valenti a purpose beyond measure.  As she turns inwards however, she realizes there is a lot more work left when it comes to her own self-worth.  Through all the pain, and all the sorrow, she searches for a way forward.

The One Where Prioritizing Is In Control

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Season 2 : Episode 29  #ComfortFood

Card game Creator, Diana Indries knows that a good relationship always starts by asking the right questions.  Throughout her many years of searching, she has come to one conclusion - never allow yourself to settle.  She must now endeavor to take back her weekends leading her to much calmer place where the light can be seen.

The One About Emotional Health

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Season 2 : Episode 28  #ExpressYourself

Rachel West loves helping her clients through the transformation process.  As a big proponent of practicing what she preaches, she endeavors to correct a wrong that was thrust upon her at an early age.  Only by forgiving the cause that created the effect will she ever hope to truly own the moment.

The One Where Peace Meets The River

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Season 2 : Episode 27  #GiveSpace

Tara Youngblood's devotion to the science of sleep has led her on many unexpected paths.  As a physicist she knows all too well the benefits of a good night's rest on the brain and body.  Faced with a family tragedy, she recognizes those heavy boulders she's been carrying make us who we are and who we ultimately aspire to be.

The One Where Self-Confidence Wins

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Season 2 : Episode 26  #RegretIsHell

James McGonigle has built several businesses from scratch and prides himself on his Mensa status.  An overachiever by nature, he lives by the adage: the first to practice, the last to leave.  But he soon discovers that life has other plans - doing the things that will truly matter in the end.

The One About Those Indelible Wounds

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Season 2 : Episode 25  #SoulReflection

Ordained Interfaith minister and book author, Jerry Zehr encourages thoughtful reflection and hope to all those seeking his words of wisdom. But when his own personal endeavors take root, he must question the deeper motive that keeps him from the peacemaker's path.

The One Who Asks:  Brother, Can You Spare Some Time

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Season 2 : Episode 24  #Resilience

Jennifer Degen knows all too well the ins and outs of being a mirror to those who come to her for solace and grace.  But life often has a way of challenging us to step beyond the comfortable.  Faced with a family dilemma, she must tap into a somatic knowing in order to find the courage within.

The One Who Is Mindful Of Their Diet

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Season 2 : Episode 23  #FeelInside

High-performance coach Vamsi Polimetla urges his clients to always seek the limits outside of their comfort zone.  But when a developmental disorder affects one his own children, he soon discovers a newfound appreciation for food and the energy it brings.

The One Where A Girl Just Wants To Have Fun

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Season 2 : Episode 22  #BlankSlate

What if you've been an observer of fun, but rarely ever shared in its joy?  Jessie Lucas can relate deeply to this feeling.  On a search to find its true meaning, she endeavors to feel safe again so she can savor those moments when they do appear.

The One About What's Next?

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Season 2 : Episode 21  #LettingGo

Dr. Tim Jordan counsels young girls to become the fearless leaders of tomorrow.  But when a silent health scare forces him to re-evaluate his own choices, he soon discovers that his enduring love of service is the true reason for doing it.

The One About Self-Care

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Season 2 : Episode 20  #OtherCentered

Paul Glover constantly puts the wants of his clients over his own.  To shore up his own needs, he vows to let go of his self-destructive ways and to turn the tables using his no B.S. coach approach.

The One Where Stress Controls My Lips

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Season 2 : Episode 19  #LovingMyself

Nidhi Belani can help anyone ace that job interview, but there is no one to impress when the reflection in the mirror is staring back at you.  She soon uncovers the real difference between feeling happy and thinking that you are.

The One Where Gratitude Led Me Astray

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Season 2 : Episode 18  #HedgeYourRisk

A Pharmacist by trade, Jay Bahadur went into the profession for all the wrong reasons.  Only by endeavoring to ask a little more of himself and beyond, can he finally change the narrative to let the good fear in.

The One Where Lonely Doesn't Mean Only

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Season 2 : Episode 17  #AsOneDoorCloses

Julinda LeDee's motivational speaking prowess has afforded her a comfortable life.  But it wasn't always that way. Forgiving herself was the easy part, but letting go of the abandonment is where the true struggle lies.

The One About Cultivating Patience

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Season 2 : Episode 16    #HasntTakenMe

Terry Tucker has been through nine years of  "garbage" which has left him broken and bruised.  But his greatest foe cannot take away his spirit for living.  He must find that other 60% to change the scorecard from victim to victor.

The One About Loving My Cancer

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Season 2 : Episode 15    #BeFree

Marci Greenberg Cox's harrowing ordeal has left her with indelible scars of both anger and stress.  Being a natural born fighter and not a quitter, she now inspires countless others with the written word.

The One With The Gift of Dyslexia

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Season 2 : Episode 14    #DontGiveUp

Karl Pieter de Leeuw yearns to get his two research studies off the ground, but has encountered several roadblocks.  His use of ingenuity and sheer grit steers him to find the synchronicity in all things.

The One With Cutting Off Friends

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Season 2 : Episode 13    #SpaceToBreathe

A writer by trade, Jared Woods can craft a story that can make your heart swoon. But when he is miles apart in accepting varied ideologies, he questions whether getting on the same page is even possible.

The One Where You Can't Push

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Season 2 : Episode 12    #OnlyLead

Ash Shukla lives deeply looking for peace not just prosperity.  But when a troubled friend asks for his help, he must think back to the sage advice his grandfather once gave him.

The One About Losing Focus

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Season 2 : Episode 11    #WastedDays

Erik Phil Brown is revered among his community.  He however longs for his own private balance where consistency in what he says mirrors what he does.

The One With The Second Brain

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Season 2 : Episode 10    #MindIsABattlefield

Žan Planovšek loves his bacon.  But years of bad eating has changed his world view. He is now listening to what his gut is actually saying.

The One About Being Seen

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Season 2 : Episode 9    #DoesItMatter

Paul Stretton-Stephens can surely entertain an audience.  But with a global pandemic, he searches for a way so that his message can still be deeply felt.

The One About Overwhelm

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Season 2 : Episode 8    #TacklingTheDay

Lane Kawaoka lives each day in a sea of to-do's.  He realizes that the lack he feels is not putting his name front & center on that list.

The One About Squashing Worry

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Season 2 : Episode 7    #DoubtDoesntBeatYou

Angel Jimenez's short temper is a flaw he wishes could melt.  He discovers that inspiration & perspiration go hand in hand.

The One With Saying No

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Season 2 : Episode 6    #CantGiveUnlessIHave

Phil Pelucha loves helping others.  But when a health scare creeps up, he is left pondering other ways he can aptly serve.

The One About Optimizing Wellness

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Season 2 : Episode 5    #BeInsaneOrBeTheSame

Brenden Kumarasamy's dependence on time is his greatest asset & a destructive foe.  He ponders whether the two can harmoniously co-exist.

The One About Not Feeling Worthy

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Season 2 : Episode 4    #VictimMindset

Jared Schuster's exotic travels have led him to many aha moments.  But the journey inward is easier said than done.

The One With The Artist's Dilemma

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Season 2 : Episode 3    #NoExcuses

Alex Harris often finds himself trapped in another person's dream.  Believing in self is his way only out of the maze.

The One About Productivity

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Season 2 : Episode 2    #HappensThroughYou

Accountability has never been Scott Perry's strong suit.  Only by getting out of his own way can he make the biggest impact.

The One On Killing Distractions

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Season 2 : Episode 1    #DoingCoolSh*t

Brandon Walker can create a framework like nobody's business.  But his lack of boundary with others keeps him in a loop.

Season 2

Season 1

The One Whose Peace Was Stolen

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Season 1 : Episode 5    #MessIntoAMessage

Sheila wrestles with a recent injury & the fears surrounding it.  She realizes that relinquishing control will set her free.

The One About Anxiety

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Season 1 : Episode 4    #BrainOff

Jessica's reliance on deadlines keeps her overly stimulated.  She seeks laser focus to actualize her true needs & wants.

The One About Feeling Obsolete

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Season 1 : Episode 3    #WalkTheWalk

Regina realizes she talks a good game but often falls short.  She discovers that believing in herself is the key.

The One Seeking The Yellow Brick Road

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Season 1 : Episode 2    #MyBookOfResources

Ryessa is eager to make magic happen, but guilt stands in her way.  To get over the quicksand, she must confront herself.

The One Stuck In Stress Weight

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Season 1 : Episode 1    #NotGoodEnough

Xavier's feelings of going backwards weigh heavily on his soul.  Only by listening to his body can he find peace.

Season 2